Lana Dorian


Lana enters the Storynth in a bid to fund her escape from the Vostinian Empire, though the fortress may contain something even more valuable.

Antonio de Leónra


As a gun for hire, Antonio claims to expect nothing from the Storynth other than his eventual payment. What is he searching for?

Elloria Whitmark


Elloria always knew that she would have to enter the Storynth to become an Inquisitor of Cerulos, but her quest may have taken a strange turn…

Velziran Salome


The gifted Mage Velziran journeys into the Storynth to facilitate a Paladin’s pilgrimage and earn redemption within her House.

Dakoseriat Bloodmorse


A Fiend exiled from the Bloodmorse Clan, Dakos sees the corruption within the Storynth and longs to make a change for the better.