Storynth is an independent role-playing game available now on Steam and!

In order to escape the tyrannical rule of the Vostinian Empire, a young adventurer allies with a freedom fighter, a spell-slinger, and an aspiring Inquisitor on a journey through the Storynth, an ancient fortress designed to contain the monstrous threat of the Fiends.

But what if the Storynth is hiding powerful and unexpected truths?

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Classic Turn-Based Action

The combat system in Storynth pays homage to classic RPGs whilst also emphasizing the importance of party members supporting each other. Each character possesses a powerful Final Skill and a varying number of Team Skills in addition to their class-specific techniques.

Overcome Obstacles, Both Everyday and World-Altering

While journeying through the Storynth and the above-ground territory of Wrytoll, you and your companions will be faced with numerous challenges of varying magnitude. Some may be as simple as helping an ally complete an ordinary task; others may involve accomplishing major sociopolitical changes.

A Diverse, Atmospheric Soundtrack

Storynth features entirely original compositions, from the sharp synthesizers of the Vostinian Empire to the guzheng melodies found in Lykoria. Each new settlement is accompanied by a musical theme that reflects its general ambience and tone.

Post-Story Adventures

After completing the main story, players will be able to access various other activities, including the Trial By Combat and further interaction with familiar faces encountered during their adventures. There might even be a few secrets scattered throughout the Storynth…

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Lana Dorian


Lana enters the Storynth in a bid to fund her escape from the Vostinian Empire, though the fortress may contain something even more valuable.

Antonio de Leónra


As a gun for hire, Antonio claims to expect nothing from the Storynth other than his eventual payment. What is he searching for?

Elloria Whitmark


Elloria always knew that she would have to enter the Storynth to become an Inquisitor of Cerulos, but her quest may have taken a strange turn…

Velziran Salome


The gifted Mage Velziran journeys into the Storynth to facilitate a Paladin’s pilgrimage and earn redemption within her House.

Dakoseriat Bloodmorse


A Fiend exiled from the Bloodmorse Clan, Dakos sees the corruption within the Storynth and longs to make a change for the better.


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